For some time now Pioneer have been focused on fostering relationships with agronomists and consultants in order to better meet the growing information needs of farmers.

We understand the importance of delivering you information about our products and technology so, you can help your customers make the best informed decisions. The idea for STRIKEPOINT was born from the SEED TECHNOLOGY EXPO we held in Narromine in March 2013. We we invited agronomists and consultants, Australia wide, to visit our production facilities and view our upcoming technology.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and we heard your requests for more information and the need for establishing better communication channels.

STRIKEPOINT is about looking ahead, communicating our learning’s and providing information on how our technology best meets the changing demands from the marketplace.

We are asking you to help us make this endeavor a successful one by passing the newsletter you receive in your inbox on to any interested parties and encouraging them to check out the website.

We want STRIKEPOINT to reach and engage with as much of our audience as it can and we know the value of your connections.